FAQ About Pearl Drops Toothpastes & Toothpolishes

Q. Is Pearl Drops safe for daily use?

A. Yes! All the Pearl Drops Toothpaste and Toothpolish variants are safe to use everyday and can be used in place of regular toothpaste.

Q. How long does it take to work?

A. Used daily (ie. In place of your regular toothpaste) you should notice a difference in a few weeks. It is important to remember that everyone’s teeth are different and that some people will see results more quickly than others. Individuals who have higher levels of staining will generally see results more quickly than others. Factors that can affect results are coffee/tea consumption, tobacco use and heredity.

Q. Why does Pearl Drops whiten teeth better than regular toothpaste?

A. Pearl Drops variants all have advanced cleaning systems that safely and gently work to remove stains and surface discolouration. Their additional stain fighters are not normally found in regular toothpaste and remove stains to leave teeth looking whiter and feeling cleaner and smoother. 

Q. Is Pearl Drops safe to use on crowns?

A. Yes!

Q. What causes stains on teeth?

A. Discolouration of teeth can be either within the tooth structure or on the surface. These stains can be caused from food and beverages such as tea, coffee or soft drinks, tobacco products which leave nicotine stains, the natural aging process, some medications, an injury to one or more teeth, poor oral hygiene or a combination of these factors. Stains are different from plaque, which is the slight dulling film that naturally forms on teeth everyday and can be controlled by proper daily oral hygiene. To effectively clean teeth and remove stains, abrasives must be used such as Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate and PERLITE. These abrasives are specifically formulated to be mild, gentle and smooth to ensure they do not wear away enamel.

FAQ About Pearl Drops 2 Day White Whitening Treatment System

Q. How does 2 Day White work?

A.The Accelerator Mouth Rinse moderates the mouth’s pH balance to prepare teeth for the whitening process. The application of the Super Whitener Gel allows for active peroxide, the same whitening ingredient used by dentists, to begin whitening surface and deep stains on your teeth.

Q. Do I have to use the rinse in between every treatment?

A.The rinse is necessary between cycles to remove the old layer of Super Whitener Gel. Because the Gel becomes inactive after sitting on your teeth for 10 minutes, you’ll want to remove it to re-apply a new layer of active Gel for the next cycle.

Q. How quickly will I see results?

A. For full whitening experience we recommend you complete all 12 whitening treatments by choosing the schedule that bests suits you. You will begin seeing visibly whiter teeth in as little as 2 days.

Q. Do I have to do all the applications at one time?

A. NO, 2 Day White is designed to be convenient. You can do as little as 1 treatment a day. Just be sure to complete all 12 treatments for complete results.

Q. Is 2 Day White safe on my teeth and dental work?

A. 2 Day White is clinically proven to be enamel safe. While 2 Day White is completely safe for dental restorations like crowns, caps and veneers, it will only whiten natural teeth. Your dental work will not whiten with 2 Day White.

Q. How much Premium Whitener Gel do I use, and is it safe to reuse?

A. You should liberally apply the Gel to your teeth to ensure full coverage. Because the Gel contains anti-microbial ingredients, it will kill germs on the brush and is safe to reuse. However, we do not recommend sharing the Gel with another person.

Q. What happens if the gel is swallowed accidentally?

A. The product is harmless if you follow the instructions. To swallow a small amount of gel is not a problem if you follow the recommended instructions carefully. Do not use more than the recommended dose. For advice, contact poisons information centre. Australia Ph:13 11 26, NZ Ph: 0800 764 766.

Q. What happens if the gel gets into the eyes?

A. Hold the eyelids apart and flush continuously with running water. Continue flushing until advised to stop by the Poisons Information Centre, or a doctor, or for at least 15 minutes.

Q. What happens if the gel gets on clothing or other surfaces?

A. The gel may lighten colours of clothing and other surfaces. Always apply the gel carefully and follow the instructions. Protect your clothes and other surfaces by washing your hands after each application.

Q. Is it safe to use during pregnancy or while breast-feeding?

A. It is recommended to contact your doctor or dentist first during this time.

Q. Can children use Pearl Drops 2 Day White?

A. The product is not suitable for children 12 years of age or less.